Wards of Time/Greek & Roman Antiquities

“I… have been looking at your experiences with the many ways time haunts stone and art. Many of them seem to show a kind of stand-off between endurance and destruction–a shoulder still thrust forward as the head loses its humanity, or the skin of a torso still alive in its folds, the arms held forward as if they didn’t yet know they’re stumps. That pink body from the Met, with its navel like an eye, still totally in command of its space. Not necessarily what you’d see were you standing in front of it yourself.

There’s something mysterious about the way photography transforms aura, too. Having seen the photograph, being in the object’s presence becomes a different experience. Seeing itself is a conversation with time and experience.”

Patricia Vigderman, author

The Real Life of the Parthenon


Copyright 2015 // Larry Merrill